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Website development

I have been toying with the idea of starting this blog for a while and ultimately decided to go for it - obviously because you're reading this haha.. quick PSA do not expect 100% correct construction of paragraphs or anything of the sorts, I love to type/write but never could be bothered to learn proper building or layouts.

Where are we now on website development?

Well I am sure returning customers have noticed a complete redesign of the store. I finally buckled down and paid for a theme that I felt had a nice feel to it. In past projects (stores) I never pictured myself paying for one but I did a bit of research and instantly fell in love with this example due to the clean but simple aesthetic. I felt that it gave a nice feel to the experience in shopping from my store, what do you think? Let me know in an email to

The daily goal

As many of you know by now we have a daily goal of posting at least one new product each day whether its early in the morning or 11PM at night I have built it into my brain to give you guys at least one new choice. I still actively encourage people to send me stuff they are looking for because if I can add it to the store I will. I am against very few items such as marijuana or sexual items - not my style sorry. Now... sexual items can be many different things so let me extend that statement - oral items? No. However if someone simply wants an outfit or maybe some sort of necklace I will create an unlisted product only they have access to, alright that's enough of that subject haha kind of lost focus.

My feelings on progress

I am 100000% happy with the amount of traffic the store has gotten so far, surpassed all expectancies of what we could get this soon. I was hoping for slightly higher sales - please do not take that as me being ungrateful for my customers because believe me I am but I am always trying to improve so increasing sales is part of that.

I tried to take some surveys on what could possibly be stopping people from hitting that checkout button but came up with no responses. Almost feel like I am missing something completely obvious which is another reason I purchased a new website template (Theme) to see if maybe it was as simple as something like the website didn't look trusting enough.

Funny enough within 12 hours of me applying the theme we got another order from someone across country from me which was a really nice feeling. Friends and family buying stuff does feel nice in a supporting way but having someone completely random that wouldn't recognize you even if you were standing two feet from them purchase an item from a store you build yourself is a very nice feeling of accomplishment.

In the near future I hope to be getting 2-3 daily orders as we build our catalog into four and five pages. Which I hope to have completed in the next 2 weeks.

Facebook vs Instagram

I used to believe that the simplest platform to build a store on would be Instagram - I was wrong. The amount of traffic and engagement we have gotten from our Facebook page is insane! Engagement I was not expecting for at least one year or longer. Admittedly I do have paid ads out there but even before I have had paid ads for previous websites and none of those even came close to the amount of traffic we got in even the last seven days. It is very reassuring that maybe I am doing something right this time with more experience and knowledge from my past failures.



So to wrap this first post up let me just say thank you to all that took the time to read it. So far I am happy with the amount of growth I have seen in the website and look forward to what will happen in the next month or so.