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Based on 15 reviews

Instantly start feeling more relaxed when I use this soap.

Smells Amazing

Amazing lemon scent without being overpowering.


This soap lathers like a dream and leaves you feeling super clean.

Not a product id purchase again. I found it rather abbrasive on my skin, and after one use it stained my 100% white cotton facecloth grey. Just not a product for me .

We suggest you give one of our other natural soaps a try. We apologize that the charcoal stained your wash cloth though since it is a natural soap this is partially to be expected while using certain wash clothes. If you do decide to try another one of our natural soaps please reach out and we would be happy to give you a partial discount on your next bar .

Suprised how well this worked! Tiny bit lasted a long time . Better alternative then spray cologne !

Our solid cologne is becoming a fan favorite ! Glad to hear you like the scent. It should last you a long time

Nice shampoo!

Great product . Smells great . A little bit goes a long way to acheive a nice lather. Rinsed well, overall fresh feel obtained

We are so glad to hear you love it! Thank you for your kind words

Perfect Colour

The colour was exactly as expected and it smells delightful. No smudging.


Mascara didn't smudge and iI rub my eyes a lot so that was amazing. Put it on around mid day and it was still holding until I went to bed the next night.

Super effective!

I’m so glad I tried this setting spray, it keeps my make up on all day even with my horrible office air I have! Keeps it on all night for a night out remarkably, and it makes my skin and face feel so fresh. I love this setting spray and will only ever use this now!!

We are so glad to hear you love our spray! Thank you for your kind words

Lipstick - Roseate
Krista Bentley
Lipstick - Roseate

The roseate lipstick is the perfect shade of nude. It glides on smoothly, it feels feather light and one application works for hours! The quality is amazing! I highly recommend that you try it for yourself!

You are very kind to share your delightful experience. We hope to serve you again

Jade Roller
Krista Bentley
Jade Roller

The jade roller is amazing! It has a nice heavy weight to it. Great quality! I love the fact that it actually works and you can feel it working. Just amazing!

Lengthening Mascara-Black

The lengthening mascara is a lifesaver! Very silky application. I love it!